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Адреса: Стевана Сремца бр.2, 35230 Ћуприја
Телефон/Факс: 035/ 8472 344
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    Buildify is a privately owned, internationally focussed engineering enterprise with world-class capabilities spanning the entire client value chain. We operate an integrated business model comprising the full range of engineering, construction and asset management services delivering single-source solutions for some of the world’s most prestigious public and private organisations.

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    • Washington Office

      100-120 Ft.Drive NE, Washington, DC 20011Phone: +1 202-415-7234Email:

    • New-York Office

      110-115 Ft.Consort NE, New-York, DC 20031Phone: +1 272-436-4524Email:

    • Boston Office

      120-135 Ft.Albemarle NE, Boston, DC 20017Phone: +1 252-925-7564Email: