School for Music Talents
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    Annual exams / Midterm exams / Reviews

    Schedule of midterm exams/reviews* and annual exams during the schoolyear, by subjects

    SubjectMidterm exam/reviewMidterm exam/reviewAnnual examsTotalClass
    InstrumentNovember/DecemberMarchMay-June3From 1st to 10th grade (3rd and 6th grade*)
    Chamber musicDecember/May-June2From 4th to 10th grade
    SolfeggioDecember/January/May-June2From 2nd to 10th grade
    Comparative pianoDecember/January/May-June21st-4th year of studying
    Sheet music readingDecember/January/May-June2From 4th to 10th grade
    Music theory//May/June16th and 7th grade
    Harmony//May/June110th grade
    Music history//June1From 7th to 9th grade
    National music history//May-June110th grade

    Midterm exam – check/exam with participation of the representative of the Faculty of Music Art

    Reviews – check with participation of the representatives of the School’s teachers

    * Preliminary checks – determination of possibilities for further education at the School, i.e. redirecting of pupils in another institution for music education or primary school (performed at 3rd and 6th grade)

    The reviews, i.e. midterm exams are organized during the schoolyear with the objective to check the knowledge and progress of the pupils. During the schoolyear it is mandatory for each pupil to participate at the public recitals of the School, at least twice a year. In that manner, the conditions are met and right obtained to pass the annual exam for the instrument being the main subject. The pupils who have obtained the prizes at national and international competitions can be exempted from passing the annual exam at the proposal of the Music Council, i.e. the teacher of the music subjects.

    Bachelor exam

    The pupils of the Music School for Talents pass the bachelor exam at the end of the final year of education. Within the bachelor exam, the pupils pass a written exam of Serbian language and literature, exam of chamber music and exam of the main subject – recital. The pupils pass the exams of the chamber music and main subject – instrument in front of the commission composed of the representatives of the professors from the Faculty of Music Arts at Belgrade and teachers of the School. The pupils who have won the prizes within chamber ensembles at international competitions or have had notable concert activity, can be exempted from passing this part of the bachelor exam.